When someone says adventure, most people think about big epic and painful missions. Taking ages of planning and preparation. With a bit of creativity however, you can cook up a nice venture into the unknown in just 24 hours!

Returning to Chamonix after some weeks out and about for work related travel, it was a pleasure to see a bright blue sky and double digit temperatures predicted for the upcoming days. Perfect for a little hut mission I had in mind for a while.

Bags packed with sleeping bag, coffee and croissants, one car left down low in the valley and the other parked up high we set off for a night in the hut.

The climb felt tough in the legs and lungs, after not spending too much time in the mountains. Views for days made it a lot easier. Here Ben descends towards the bivouac hut.

What a light show on the deserted valley and Mont Buet!

Not even 8pm and pitch black outside. Bring out the wine and yahtzee!

Two hikers point out their plans for the day, sat in front our our ‘hotel’.

Early morning light shining on the hut. The man who built these definitely chose the right spot!

Oli looking fast in the morning light.

No spot to crash. That water was really really cold.

Classic ridge line shot of Ben cruising down.

Smashing view of the Fiz.

Now normally we would have many pics of the descent, the tech sections and some nice loamy corners in the forest. Fact is however, it was too much fun to stop!
So eventually we smashed down the full 1700m of single track almost in one go.
It’s amazing how long 24 hours can feel if you squeeze in new trails, views and experiences.