Epic Enduro Weekend

We throw the epic word around a lot, but in this case it truly is. We take the best of riding, racing, eating, drinking and laughing and throw it all in a long weekend.

Three days of riding the best trails in the area, of course supported by uplifts to get a crazy amount of descents in.

Like a bit of competition? We set up two timed descents per day. Racing is of course done blind, so no practice. Just skills.

Don’t like competition? Also good. You can ride the stages in your own pace, with no pressure. Heck you can even stop for a selfie halfway if you like.

To make sure the memory will never fade, we bring a pro photographer along for the trip. He/She will take care of the picture taking, all you need to do is look fast.

This is our only trip where we have a max of 13 riders instead of the regular 7. This group size works best for this format.


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