Our Sustainability Efforts

Climate change is real and travelling has a huge impact on the environment. There’s no way around that.

At Ride with the Locals we had a long hard think on how we can reduce our impact and become a force for good (or at least less evil).

The road is long, and we are constantly fine tuning the way we do our thing.

  • Our web-servers are powered by ‘green’ electricity
  • We offset all the emissions we generate with uplifts
  • We don’t use flyers
  • Our booking process is 100% paperless
  • Vegetarian meals are default, meat & fish on request
  • Free transfers from train stations
  • We aim to work with other sustainable companies
  • We avoid single use plastics
  • Repair, not replace

If you have any suggestion on what we can do better, please let us know.


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