Climate change is real and travelling has a huge impact on the environment. There’s no way around that. At Ride with the Locals we had a long hard think on how we can reduce our impact and become a force for good. The road is long, and we are constantly fine tuning the way we do our thing. Below you will find a list of how we try to limit our impact, if you have any suggestions feel free to get in touch!

  1. Green web hosting – The servers that host our website run on green energy or is compensating for its energy use. (source: )
  2. We offset all our travel, including the uplift services on our trips using the calculation methods on
  3. We stopped using flyers, and all our booking process is 100% paperless.
  4. We use recycled, organic and high quality materials for everything we do.
  5. Food on our trips is locally sourced, organic and vegetarian where possible.
  6. Together with our partners we try to raise awareness for the environmental issues.
  7. Free transfers to and from the train station if you arrive by rail to any of our trips.
  8. We aim to use accommodation that uses renewable energy and operates in a sustainable way